Miguel – “Simple Things (Re-Lit)” (Feat. Future & Chris Brown)

Miguel contributed the song “Simplethings” to the soundtrack of the TV show Girls last year, and it resurfaced as a bonus track on his excellent album Wildheart earlier this year. Last month, Miguel sang it beautifully on The Tonight Show. And today, as Miss Info points out, it gets a remix that features superstar guest turns from Future (yay) and Chris Brown (boo). Miguel and producer Brook Dleau reworked the track, turning it into more of a syrupy aqueous thing that fits in with the sorts of things Brown and Future usually do, and the two of them fit fairly seamlessly into the new version of the song. Miguel and Future don’t really seem like obvious collaborators, but they sound good together. Listen to the remix below.

Wildheart is out now on RCA.