Amber Arcades – “Right Now” (Stereogum Premiere)

Amber Arcades – “Right Now” (Stereogum Premiere)

Amber Arcades’ previous single “Turning Light” was one of the best we’ve heard so far this year, and today she follows it with another strong track called “Right Now.” This one trades the prior song’s fast-paced rush for a retro Euro-pop jangle but keeps the incandescent glimmer. Project mastermind Annelotte de Graaf shared some background on the track:

The words for the chorus in Right Now popped up in my head almost immediately and I built the rest around it associatively. Even now the precise meaning is hard for me to pin down and can shift over time, but generally I’d say it’s about the billions of different views there are to this life and whatever we’re doing here with our time and how all these differing views are probably equally true and false. I guess that’s kind of everything and nothing. And I think that might be the point.

Listen below.

Amber Arcades’ album is coming this spring via Heavenly Recordings.

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