Morrissey Plans To Rerelease Underwhelming Last Album

Morrissey still plans to rerelease his underwhelming last album World Peace Is None Of Your Business, which comes as no real surprise seeing as how he’s supposedly been shopping for a new label after his spat with Harvest Records went down back in 2014. Morrissey claimed that the label botched the album’s release, and then they pulled World Peace from all digital retailers and streaming services, saying that they did so at Morrissey’s request. Morrissey’s been looking for a label to re-release his as-yet-unheard new album, and re-release World Peace, ever since. It appears he’s made progress. The Morrissey webzine True To You posted that “plans remain in place for the re-launch” of World Peace, and included a photo of its new cover art, which you can check out below.

In other Morrissey news, the Smiths launched a new video game with PETA today. Yes, it’s called This Beautiful Creature Must Die, and no, I will not be playing it.

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