Father John Misty: “I Will Ride For Nickelback”

Father John Misty: “I Will Ride For Nickelback”

Father John Misty is a man of many opinions, and he is never shy about sharing them. Even when they’re unpopular opinions, like “‘How You Remind Me’ is a fucking great song.”

Nickelback, everyone’s favorite punching bags of early ’00s rock, have recently been in the news for being compared to the Chainsmokers, another hugely popular group openly despised by many, many people. But Joshua Tillman, champion of the weak, protector of the small, has leapt to Nickelback’s defense. “I will ride for Nickelback,” he declares in a recent interview with NME. “‘How You Remind Me’ … That’s a fucking great song. Have you heard that song? It’s great.”

What does he like about the song specifically? Well:

I don’t know. That’s the problem with the internet and social media and stuff. The stuff that you like, you can’t say what it is that you like about something. If you like something, it’s supposed to be beyond the intellectual. But I will ride for Nickelback — I want that on the record. ‘Farmer John Misery: I ride for Nickelback.’”

Fun fact: Tom Breihan also thinks “How You Remind Me” is a great song.

Avril Lavigne must be thrilled to not be the only one defending Nickelback anymore.

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