Models Reportedly Warned Not To Attend Fyre Fest Fiasco

Models Reportedly Warned Not To Attend Fyre Fest Fiasco

The story that keeps on giving… More details are starting to emerge about the disastrous Fyre Fest, which left a bunch of rich people stranded and disappointed in the Bahamas. Festival organizer Ja Rule has already apologized for the fiasco and insisted that “it was NOT A SCAM,” but some new information from Page Six makes it pretty obvious that this oasis was doomed from the start.

One of the ways that the festival promoted itself was through a series of sponsored Instagram ads from models like Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid — some of whom appeared in a ridiculous promo video — and apparently all of the A-list stars who were scheduled to be there were warned not to attend at the last minute. “They called all the A-list names and the modeling agencies and told them not to come,” a source told Page Six. “They were just like, ‘Oh, come next weekend when all the kinks have been worked out.’ This was before the chaos even started.”

The festival is officially “postponed,” and the second weekend will probably not go on as planned, but apparently anyone who took a yacht down is having a grand old time. Page Six details a couple of rich people who took to the seas to arrive at Pablo Escobar’s former island, and are apparently “fine.”

“The only thing that they had to deal with was instead of nice boats taking them between their boat and the island, they used life rafts,” the source added.

Another one of Page Six’s sources says that the entrepreneur behind the festival, Billy McFarland, was partying on a yacht Thursday night as the festival fiasco got underway, though there are conflicting reports about that. Apparently Ja Rule was in Chicago on Thursday night, and it’s unclear when he was scheduled to make his way down to the festival.

Check out some of the best burns on Twitter about the fest here.

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