Morrissey Announces New Album Low In High School

The last time Morrissey released an album, things did not go well. The album in question, 2014’s World Peace Is None Of Your Business, was not among Morrissey’s best, and its release led to a massive feud between Morrissey and Harvest Records, the label that released it. Morrissey claimed that the label had botched the album’s release, and the label responded by pulling the album from digital retailers and streaming services. The label said it did so at Morrissey’s request, and now Morrissey has plans to re-release the album. But that whole saga didn’t deter Morrissey from recording new music, and now he’s once again announced plans to release another album.

The Manchester Evening News reports that Morrissey’s new album is called Low In High School, and it’s coming out 11/17. It’s Morrissey’s first release for BMG, and the major label is releasing it in conjunction with Etienne Records, the new label that Morrissey is launching. Morrissey recorded the album with producer Joe Chiccarelli, the Strokes/Spoon collaborator who also produced World Peace Is None Of Your Business. They recorded it at La Fabrique Studios in France and at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios in Rome.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the album will address “the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.” Does that mean songs about Trump? Or Tinder? Or the rushed plotting of the new Game Of Thrones season? We’ll find out in November, I guess.

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