Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

This week’s Shut Up, Dude comes to you from Paris where today I made my daughter sing Chainsmokers “Paris” at Basilique du Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre. You’re welcome, Instagram. You know what they call Sour Patch Kids in Paris? The answer is in the comments.


#10  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:35 | Aug 28th

I can see not putting Twin Cinema on top but having it down that low is just ludicrous.

The world needs more power pop, BTW.

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#9  Max the King of All Wild Things
Score:35 | Aug 29th

Milo is part of Taylor Swift’s crew. You heard it here first.

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#8  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:35 | Aug 25th

I read this while listening to the last two tracks of A Deeper Understanding, which is every bit as drunk on the past and concerned with aging as an LCD record, and I have to say: this may be a shitty moment for America, but it’s a pretty fuckin’ great one for widescreen American music.

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#7  Taylor Alison
Score:38 | Aug 25th

Work with Jack Antonoff… Just kidding, he was great!

Hope y’all are feelin’ the new sound! Fun Fact: if you play the song backwards, it still sounds like a Britney Spears b-side! XOXO

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#6  raisedeyebrows
Score:38 | Aug 25th

She forgot to write the chorus.

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Darren Frye
Score:39 | Aug 25th

Felt like this I’m guessing.


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#3  cokeparty
Score:39 | Aug 25th

Don’t worry Katy, we still hate your songs too.

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#2  Guy Incognito
Score:44 | Aug 30th

Finally a positive Kurt and Courtney video

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#1  meat
Score:73 | Aug 25th

i guess i just don’t like country music

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#5  LosingMyEdge
Score:-12 | Aug 25th

I feel like you guys are giving waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much thought to an inconsequential pop song for 13 year old girls.

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#4  YouBeautifulBastard
Score:-12 | Aug 30th

Zach, if you’re reading this, do give some consideration to actually wearing clothes that fit. You won’t look quite so much like, well, a junkie.

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#3  jedediah
Score:-18 | Aug 25th

i’ve never understood the appeal. the music is so boring. and really not very creative. i may be in the minority but, dear god, lcd soundsystem sucks.

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#2  hellyeahstereo
Score:-19 | Aug 25th

I’m not even a TS fan, but the song is well written actually. It’s got clever lyrics. Kanye is an idiot, we all know that already. I liked the accompanying Saul Bass inspired lyric video.

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#1  mysticreferee
Score:-27 | Aug 30th

Can we please get some more golden writing about the God among men, Adam Granduciel, so we can all jack off together?

Tip: Use a foreign word (say _samsara_), italicize it, write 5 paragraphs of bullshit all coming back to that word and tell us why we should like something you like.

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Score:22 | Aug 30th

Anyway, he said he wasn’t Brian Smith, but that he actually lived with Brian Smith in SF. That he was younger. That he was the other Brian Smith. Told me he had no way of contacting Brian Smith, but, if anything came up, he’d let me know.

This dead end really discouraged me and I put the whole venture to rest for a while. I

A few years later I was teaching my English classes to do research on the internet properly, and I decided to tell the story of my search for Brian Smith. I promised a automatic A on a test to any student that could locate Brian Smith and put us in contact. A few more years went by with no luck until I ended up having a student in my class who was a computer savant. He used a combination of information I had and old yearbook photos, and put in serious wor resulting in a late night email with the title:

“I’ve Found Brian Smith”

And he had. Turns out Brian Smith was now the head ornithologist (essentially a bird doctor) at The Natural History Museum in New York. I sent Brian an email and we’re back in contact for the first time in 20 years.

This “dirtbag” rap thing is really cool and totally reminds me of music that would soundtrack old skate videos (some stuff, like Grand Puba, seemingly forgotten over time). Really nice to know this sort of thing still partially colors NY.

Another weird years later thing: Leo Fitzpatrick actually went on to have a decent career as an actor. (After kids he was pretty well known, but I’ll always remember him as a the kid with the bad mustache who worked in a New Jersey mall skate shop). I lived in Baltimore for a period of time and taught in the public school system the same year The Wire did it’s season investigating education in Baltimore. As a thank you for letting them film in the schools the cast threw a party at Brewer’s Art and served bar and the like (I know I’ve told part of this story). Anyway, I’m drinking and the next thing I know someone taps me on the shoulder and tells me to “buy me a drink, asshole”. It turned out to be Leo, who I hadn’t seen in 20 years. We hung and talked about a weekend we spent skating Love Park in Philadelphia. He seemed to be more financially secure, but that “dirtbag” thing you mention never totally leaves you. It was a cool night.

Sorry if this took up to much space in a section reserved for discussing hip hop this week. Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane. I’m into this sound.

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