Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

A few hours ago William Patrick Corgan stopped by the Billboard Music offices to play some songs from his new album, out today, and answer my questions about his cats. Unfortunately for Billy William, there are just so many promising new albums to stream today. King Krule! Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile! Gucci Mane! Makthaverskan! Robert Plant! St. Vincent! Melkbelly! Listen to them all while you try to forget this week.


#10  copyrights
Score:33 | Oct 9th

Does this accurately describe how Thom dances?

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#9  arglebargle
Score:34 | Oct 6th

“Beck, on the other hand, won Album Of The Year, and he went on to make some bullshit.”
Between this and the epic TRL takedown I want to give Stereogum props but also want to give the entire staff a hug

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#8  cokeparty
Score:36 | Oct 6th

Followed by the “All is Forgiven” shows in 2019 where Arcade fire tours its new moodier record detailing the martial problems in Win’s marriage in an excellent comeback record where he lets Regine sing more songs, and Beck leaves Scientology and chronicles that breakup in an equally dark ambient set produced by Burial.

It’s basically like the kids of hippy parents finding lucrative jobs in a hedge fund or something. Sure, they’re fucking their lives up for money now, but we love them, and will always hold a place at the table when they want to come home.

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#7  cokeparty
Score:36 | Oct 6th

Arcade Fire and Beck will go on to co-headline the “Fuck Stereogum in its fucking face,you piece of fucking garbage blog (pivot to video)” tour.

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#6  charliepanayi
Score:38 | Oct 6th

I miss the days when people regarded the Grammys as a joke and didn’t go mad over who won Album of the Year because the Grammys are stupid and pointless anyway.

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#5  blochead
Score:39 | Oct 6th

Corden is annoying. Corden is also harmless. Here’s a thought…don’t go on his stupid fucking show. If you do go on his stupid fucking show shut your fucking mouth bout going on his stupid fucking show. Cuz you coulda made the choice not to go on his stupid fucking show. Ya fuckin fuck.

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#4  theyachtmaster
Score:41 | Oct 10th

Assuming some horseshoe theory of gayness, it might just work.

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#3  potato_
Score:43 | Oct 10th

the best Radiohead album.

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#2  crania americana
Score:49 | Oct 6th

This is somehow the worst thing I’ve ever seen a white guy in a poncho do.

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#1  jimvrountree
Score:56 | Oct 6th

So….is this a good album or not? Stop being vague.

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#5  Joshlynn
Score:-11 | Oct 9th

hillary clinton is absolutely a fascist. the difference is in their competence.

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Zack Oliver
Score:-11 | Oct 9th

I’m sorry, Im new. Who are you and why are you on every story’s comment section?

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Cody Morris
Score:-12 | Oct 6th

You know those people who think its okay to only punch Nazis in the face? I am not even one of those people. Like, violence is not cool. But If i ever saw Jared Leto out in public I would give him the hardest kick in the balls. What a dip shit.

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Dan Cummings
Score:-13 | Oct 12th

Every song cited has been done in similar fashion off-Broadway. What Bruce still doesn’t get, nor does the reviewer, is that Trump spoke to the same people Bruce wrote about while Bruce himself — a Viet Nam draft dodger who used to brag about it on stage — hung out with zillionaires and bragged onstage about his wife’s extravagant spending habits. Bruce alienated himself from his subject matter. He sides with politicians who exploit identity politics, and misses the irony. Trump is the anti-politician, fighting for the people. But the guy who lamented the ‘runaway American Dream’ now enjoys its fruits more than the guy who wants to fix it.

Bruce wrote the songs, he avoided ever having a real job, lived above a surfboard factory, all that, but treated many bandmates poorly over the years. He underpaid elite musicians that helped make his songs, and gave them no writing credits. He found when he toured with his early 90s pick-up band that the magic was gone, even if his take-home was up, and audiences disappeared, disappointed. Then it took most of the decade for him to swallow his pride and individually ask members of the E Street Band to re-join him on tour. That brought the fans back, that and 9/11 which led to his writing one last great record, ‘The Rising’. But in his book he openly attacks the same families who died when the towers were attacked — 500 from his Monmouth County, NJ alone.

And, once again, showing loyalty he hadn’t, the E Streeters dropped their own lives and supported him again as his manager switched back from making Shania Twain a star to stoking the star-making machinery behind the Bruce. A great artist but a flawed artist, making a pitch for a Tony, but more importantly for him, keeping the vault flush. The Nobel will follow the Tony, Dylan having comfortably established the path. And the elusive Emmy is planned for, too. ‘Collect em all.’ This Broadway money gusher won’t be feeding the poor in Harlem or Youngstown or Houston or Puerto Rico unless his accountant sees a tax angle.

Technical quibble: Born to Run was written when Bruce was 24, so 44 years ago. Good art is timeless, and so it is, even if its author is more Harvey Weinstein than Dr. Schweitzer.

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#1  almotasim
Score:-41 | Oct 10th

That’s cool but no thanks.

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Eric J. Nagurney
Score:31 | Oct 6th

One day, you’re in the Germs, then you blink and next thing you know, you’re doing this shit.

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