Jimmy Kimmel Parodies Drake’s “God’s Plan” Video

Jimmy Kimmel Parodies Drake’s “God’s Plan” Video

Lately, Jimmy Kimmel has been generating a lot of press for the ways that he’s been taking on the Republican establishment, especially over their indefensible health-plan proposals. It’s been an unexpected and heartening turn for Kimmel. But we should never forget that generating next-day viral videos is Kimmel’s primary job, and he’s just come up with a good one.

For about a month now, the #1 song in the country has been Drake’s laid-back supremacy declaration “God’s Plan.” Right now, it’s being driven by an extremely popular, slightly ethically dubious music video, in which Drake gives away about a million dollars to people in Miami. This sort of thing is ripe for parody, and Jimmy Kimmel Live came up with a pretty good one.

In the Kimmel parody, Guillermo Diaz, a former parking-lot security guard who now does frequent comedy bits, visits a dollar store with $100. He stands in front of the store with a megaphone and annouces, “Hi, everybody! Listen! Today’s your lucky day! I’m going to buy you one thing, and only one thing, from Only 99 Cents!” He then struts around as “God’s Plan” plays, handing out dollar bills, and the resulting video is a small masterpiece of bemused, nonplussed, and slightly irritated reaction shots. Watch it below.

The “Gods’s Plan” video is admittedly an easy target, but I still snickered pretty hard throughout.

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