Watch Angel Olsen Sing “Shut Up Kiss Me” With Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan At Coachella

We’ve been Snail Mail fans ever since they impressed the hell out of us at SXSW last year, and you’ll be fans too once you hear their upcoming debut album Lush. (Just listen to “Pristine,” if you haven’t already. That alone will probably do it.)

Snail Mail are playing Coachella tomorrow, but that won’t be 18-year-old Snail Mail mastermind Lindsey Jordan’s only appearance at Coachella. Because Angel Olsen played the second day of Coachella yesterday, and during her set, she brought Jordan to the stage to help her sing “Shut Up Kiss Me,” one of her biggest, best, and most immediate songs. Jordan seemed absolutely thrilled to be there, and she spent the entire time she wasn’t singing just grinning at Angel Olsen. Angel Olsen grinned right back at her.

It wasn’t really a big special guest moment like Kendrick Lamar joining Vince Staples or Tyler, The Creator joining Kali Uchis or Yodeling Boy joining Whethan or whatever. It didn’t arrive with much fanfare, and a lot of people in the audience probably had no idea who Lindsey Jordan was. (They will soon.) But it was a very cute moment nonetheless, and you can witness it for yourself below.

Couchella! #angelolsen

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Snail Mail are set to play 6:05-6:50PM ET today in the Sonora Tent. If you’re there, don’t miss it.