Blanck Mass – “Odd Scene” & “Shit Luck”

While Fuck Buttons often channeled noise music into sheer adrenaline-pumping euphoria, Benjamin John Power has used his Blanck Mass solo project to explore the darker side of droning electronics. His last LP, 2017’s World Eater, was all feverish, apocalyptic dance music, and last month, he enlisted his labelmate Zola Jesus and a few other musicians to rework and remix it. And now he’s back with the songs “Odd Scene” and “Shit Luck,” a new 12″ single for Record Store Day that finds him dipping into straight-up metal (with black metal screams and everything).

“I grew up playing in punk and hardcore bands so this is no new venture for me, but perhaps as far as Blanck Mass released material goes ‘Odd Scene / Shit Luck’ might be the snottiest,” Power explains in a statement. “Here we have a couple of anti-macho pop songs about a pair of walking hardons I surreptitiously observed at a truck stop whilst I was out touring last year.” Listen below.

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