Future – “No Shame” (Feat. PartyNextDoor) Video

Future – “No Shame” (Feat. PartyNextDoor) Video

Remakes of classic movies are always a dubious proposition, but they’re going to happen whether we like it or not. And in remaking the seminal blaxploitation movie, rap-video auteur Director X has already made at least one good decision: He’s brought in Future to produce the movie’s entire soundtrack, which seems like it will probably be just a straight-up Future album. We’ve already heard three of Future’s songs from the soundtrack: “No Shame,” “Walk On Minks,” and “Bag.” And with the soundtrack coming out Friday, Future has just shared his “No Shame” video.

“No Shame” is easily the best new Future track we’ve heard from the soundtrack, and it’s also just the best Future song we’ve heard in a long time, thanks in part to the way it references Curtis Mayfield, who made the gorgeous soundtrack for the original Superfly. Director X is the man behind the video, and he keeps everything sharp and clean, mostly focusing on Future and his collaborator PartyNextDoor lounging in an old Cadillac.

The video also features scenes from the movie, and it’s got stars Trevor Jackson and Jason Mitchell — the latter of whom is best-known for playing Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton — flossing against that background. Check it out below.

The Superfly soundtrack is out 6/8.

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