Gorillaz – “Sorcererz”

Next month, Gorillaz return with their new album The Now Now, which comes only a year after Humanz, the group’s last full-length. Last week, they shared two new songs “Lake Zurich” and the George Benson collab “Humility.” Today, they’re letting us hear a new one called “Sorcererz.”

Earlier this morning, we posted video of Gorillaz debuting “Sorcererz,” along with four other new songs, live onstage at Germany’s Rock Im Park festival. The studio version of “Sorcererz,” it turns out, isn’t terribly different from what they played onstage. It’s a warm, streamlined track full of Linndrum smacks and gooey keyboard work, and it sounds very much like Albarn’s take on mid-’80s synth-funk — like what might happen if Albarn, who once reportedly turned down the chance to work with Prince, attempted to make a Prince song of his own.

If “Sorcererz” has any famous collaborators involved, their presence isn’t immediately obvious. You can hear the song below.

The Now Now is out 6/29 on Warner Bros.