Silk City – “Electricity” (Feat. Dua Lipa) Video

Superstar DJs Diplo and Mark Ronson recently teamed up to form the production duo Silk City, and they’ve been cranking out house tracks all summer: “Only Can Get Better” with Daniel Merriweather, “Feel About You” with Mapei, “Loud” with Desiigner and GoldLink. And today, they’ve come out with another new track called “Electricity.” On that one they team up with Dua Lipa, the UK pop star who’s been surging lately. They’ve got a video for it, too.

“Electricity” is probably the most immediately satisfying track we’ve yet heard from Silk City. It’s a big, slinky disco-house jam with a commanding, charismatic vocal performance from Dua Lipa. And its lush, gurgling hook would’ve set the blogs on fire in 2003, around the same time Diplo and Ronson first became acquainted. The pop songwriter Diana Gordon and the xx’s Romy Madley-Croft helped write the track.

And speaking of 2003! The song’s video, directed by Bradley & Pablo, is set during the great New York blackout that happened during the summer of that year. In the clip, Dua Lipa, dancing alone in a cavernous loft, is somehow able to generate enough electricity through her own personal power that she can throw a massive dance party with a whole lot of attractive strangers. Diplo and Ronson get in a cameo, getting stuck in a freight elevator. Watch it below.

Silk City’s next live show is 10/13 at Oakland’s Treasure Island Music Festival.