NCAA Penalizes Kentucky Soccer Players For Pickup Game With Foo Fighters

The NCAA is a notoriously corrupt organization that never misses an opportunity to punish the amateur athletes it profits richly from. So while the following story is annoying, it’s not the least bit surprising.

As the Louisville Courier-Journal reports (via Deadspin), during a tour stop in Lexington back in May, Foo Fighters played a pickup soccer game with members of the University of Kentucky men’s and women’s soccer teams. Specifically, members of Foo Fighters were playing one game with the UK coaching staff, while the varsity players were competing in a separate game across the field. A member of the band reportedly invited the young Wildcats to merge the two games “as they were getting tired and wanted the energy level to be raised.”

Because this happened during a time in the NCAA calendar when coaches are prohibited from interacting with their players, the presence of coaches at a pickup game involving the players amounted to breaking the rules. Thus, the players involved will miss two “supervised team activities” as punishment for their infraction. There’s no word as to which Foo Fighters were present at the match, so hopefully they at least got to meet Dave Grohl in exchange for sullying the reputations of both their university and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

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