Stream Metric’s New Album Art Of Doubt

Stream Metric’s New Album Art Of Doubt

Three years ago, the Toronto band Metric, one of our finest purveyors of gleaming and festival-ready indie, released their album Pagans In Vegas. Since then, frontwoman Emily Haines has kept herself busy, releasing a solo album and a fragrance, among other things. But next week, Metric are coming back with their new album Art Of Doubt, their seventh studio LP.

Metric have song switched their sounds up from album to album. In recent years, they’ve been pushing toward sweeping synthpop. This time around, the band made a conscious effort to go back to guitars, so there’s more crunch on the album than we’ve heard on the band’s last few. But it’s still a very produced album, and none of its sounds would jar you if you heard them in a car commercial or playing softly over the speakers in the Gap.

We’ve already posted the early tracks “Dark Saturday,” “Dressed To Suppress,” and “Now Or Never Now.” And right now, you can stream the entire hour-long LP at NPR. Check it out here.

Art Of Doubt is out 9/21.

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