John Grant – “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips” Video

The veteran musician John Grant is a true mutant — one of the few people on the planet who’s equally comfortable singing dusty Americana and sweaty disco-house. He also makes really great videos; his dog-centric “Love Is Magic” clip is a recent favorite. Grant’s new album, also called Love Is Magic is coming out next week, and he’s just shared a pretty fucking amazing animated video for the strutting new-wave jam “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips.”

13 different animators worked on the video for “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips,” and all of them have created some completely hallucinatory versions of John Grant’s face. Directors Casey & Ewan have patched them all together into one trippy-as-hell whole, finding room for claymation, stop-motion, CGI, and hand-drawn animation, all of them rendering some truly psychedelic bugged-out visions.

Have you ever gotten really high and stared really hard at someone’s face? Or at your own face? (Word of advice: Try not to do that.) This video essentially works as the music-video equivalent of that. It’s really something. Witness it below.

Love Is Magic is out 10/12 on Partisan.