Tom DeLonge’s UFO Organization Is $37.4M In Debt

Since long before he was forced out of Blink-182 three and a half years ago, Tom DeLonge has been pouring most of his time, money, and energy into the study of alien life. Around the time of his ouster, DeLonge claimed he’s had contact with aliens and is danger because of what he knows — and before you write him off as a lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist, understand that he’s corresponded with high-level officials like former White House Chief Of Staff and Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta, his work has been taken seriously in a New York Times report on UFOs, and he once won an award for UFO researcher of the year. Plus his To The Stars Academy Of Arts And Sciences counts numerous former CIA and NASA employees on its roster.

In Sekret Machines: Gods, DeLonge’s book with Peter Levenda, they explain, “Our goal is nothing less than a revolution in the hard sciences as well as the social sciences: a reevaluation of what we know about our function, our purpose in the cosmos, and the potential opportunities and possible threats that exist.” If it sounds like things are going well on that front, well, maybe in terms of public recognition. Not so much in the bank account. As Ars Technica (via Motherboard) points out, a biannual report to the Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that To The Stars is $37,432,000 in debt, and “these factors raise doubt about the company’s ability to continue as a going concern” — this after To The Stars sold $50 million worth of stock to 2,547 investors beginning in September 2017.

A week ago this year news broke that DeLonge was crowdfunding a spaceship, so maybe that mechanism can swing back into operation to keep To The Stars operational. Or maybe the powerful forces that are keeping all of this secret will prevail? The truth is out there, but finding it remains expensive!

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