Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

Always fun when a tweet goes viral nine months later.


#10  undergroundspoon
Score:37 | Oct 29th

“Stood by while husband, credibly the greatest artist of his generation, became a court jester for fascists” might be a credible critique to make, but sure, sex-shaming is cool too.

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#9  inthedeadofknight
Score:40 | Oct 31st

As perfect as a song can get.

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#8  generic orange soda
Score:40 | Oct 26th

Two 16-year-olds who are dating and send nudes to each other have to register as sex offenders for life, but this chucklefuck records a video of himself and some other guy doing way more than that with a 13-year-old, distributes it online, and doesn’t? This is dumb and bad and I don’t like it.

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#6  doogie_browser
Score:44 | Oct 30th

i believe that the democrats planted those words in LosingMyEdge’s comment to discredit them.

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#5  saul wright
Score:52 | Oct 28th

Kanye Wexit – when the culture moves on and stops giving a shit about Kanye.

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#3  padfoot24
Score:64 | Nov 1st

I got married a little over a month ago, and originally the plan was to have “Run Away With Me” play directly after our First Dance to kick off the dance floor. A few days before the wedding, Mrs. Padfoot sat me down and says, with much pain in her heart, “Honey…. I don’t think it’s going to play out like it will in your head.”

She was right. I was at my cousin’s wedding just one week before (a whole ‘nother story), and his dancefloor was… mediocre if I’m being nice. You could tell the DJ was under strict orders to play *their* songs, instead of the songs that will get the guests off their asses and cutting a rug, and so people sat and talked and walked around, and there were maybe 10 people dancing at a time. “Run Away With Me” is a Grade-A+ banger, but if my aunt doesn’t know the words, she’s gonna go hit the open bar instead of boppin’. So we went with “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” instead, and it fkn slayed. I was a little sad, but I knew we made the right decision. Then “Call Me Maybe” played and I got around to having the time of my life again.

The DJ was dropping hits left and right all night. I’m being totally biased, but it’s the best wedding dance floor I’ve ever been on. But then totally sober Padfoot (not kidding… getting drunk at your wedding is almost as difficult as finding time to eat) had a brilliant idea; “Run Away With Me” should be the second to last song. “I wanna go, get out of here, I’m sick of the party. Party.” It made too much sense. I conferred with the DJ, who first thought I was coming to criticize his decision to play “Bye Bye Bye” directly after “Backstreet’s Back” (I wasn’t), and we hashed it out. It was on.

Dat saxophone blast came on, and everybody immediately stopped dancing because they had no idea what the hell they were listening to. I was literally the only person dancing in the middle, until my lovely wife joined me. Then came my buddy who accompanied me in her place to CRJ shows in Boston when I was doing the long-distance thang. One by one the dominoes started to fall, until, through sheer will-power, we got the dance floor populated again and it was magical.

I had another idea mid-song: Mrs. Padfoot and I should run away from the dance floor during the slow part, which we did, away from the dance floor to the bar area. Then, we ran back in and I leapt (the dance floor was next to some stairs) into the crowd during that last giant “Run Away With Me.” Probably the best moment of my young life so far.

Tl;dr – I got married and CRJ popped the fuck off.

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#1  champ2010
Score:95 | Oct 30th

So either you stole this verbatim from this right wing guy who was one of the people who believed that the mail bombs were a Democratic scheme, or you are that dude and ripped the words straight from your own article

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#5  roland1824
Score:-13 | Oct 26th

Can’t put my finger on it, but this feels like a sponsored post for some reason.

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#4  inthedeadofknight
Score:-16 | Nov 1st


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#3  LosingMyEdge
Score:-19 | Oct 30th

There’s been absolutely nothing in Kanye’s past that would indicate he is in any way conservative. I truly think he thought he could pull a Trump: just be bombastic and stupid as fuck and see your popularity skyrocket due to being in the news all the time.

That said, I have been a very big Kanye fan since College Dropout but, between this and ‘Ye’ absolutely being dog shit, I am pretty done with him and all his bullshit. His clothes are stupid, his music sucks now, and he seems to be a garbage person.

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#2  danny tanner
Score:-20 | Oct 29th

But it’s October…

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#1  LosingMyEdge
Score:-32 | Oct 30th

Jesus Christ they couldn’t get more pretentious if they tried.

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Score:6 | Oct 29th


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