Stream Kaytranada’s NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES EP

Way back in 2016, Kaytranada, the Haiti-born and Montreal-based dance producer, released 99.9%, his guest-heavy debut album. It was great. But since then, there’s been basically no indication that Kaytranada feels like making another album. Instead, he’s been producing for people like Mick Jenkins, remixing people like Kelela, and throwing occasional unlicensed remixes up on SoundCloud. It makes sense. Kaytranada was plenty successful before making an album, and maybe he just figures that albums don’t need to figure into the equation for him.

Today, Kaytranada came out with a new surprise EP called NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES. Or at least it’s being marketed as an EP, since that’s how you have to do things in the streaming era. But it’s pretty clear from the cover art on down that NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES would’ve just been a 12″ single in any other era. It’s just three songs and then instrumental versions of two of those songs. But you should still pay attention to it, because it slaps.

On opening track “Nothin Like U,” Kaytranada joins forces with LA R&B star Ty Dolla $ign, exactly the kind of singer who always sounds great over Kaytranada’s warm, organic thump. It’s gorgeous. And the B-side might be even better. “Chances” is an efficent, summery roller-disco jam with a vocal from the Montreal-based singer and songwriter Shay Lia. And he closes the EP with the funky, staggering instrumental “It Was Meant 2 B.” The whole thing is worth hearing, and you can hear it below.

NOTHIN LIKE U / CHANCES is out now on RCA.