Watch Future Perform “Crushed Up” With Ballerinas On Ellen

Ellen has always been a perfectly likable daytime talk show, but it’s always been missing something. Specifically, it has always needed more drug-and-money-fueled existential despair. Thankfully, Future has now arrived to help with that.

Last week, Future released his album The WIZRD, one more exploration into creeping and lethargic soul-death. And today, he brought the single “Crushed Up” to Ellen, taking the stage after Ellen DeGeneres exchanged charming anecdotes and comedy bits with Debra Messing and Marie Kondo. And look: Ellen has been hosting A-list musical guest for years now, and I should no longer be surprised or amused at dark-hearted rappers using her show as a platform. I can’t help it, though. It still spins me around a little bit.

On the show, just as he did on Colbert last week, Future performed while fake snow fell from the ceiling. Fake snow is apparently part of the Future aesthetic now, and it works pretty well. Future also had a full band (DJ, keyboardist, drummer, guitarist), and he had two ballet dancers. I don’t think anyone choreographed the ballet dancers. Instead, they just kind of swan around the stage, doing ballet things, while Future performs. Watch it all happen below.

The WIZRD is out now on Epic.