Watch Cardi B, Lil Jon, & Steve Carell In Pepsi’s Super Bowl Ad

Watch Cardi B, Lil Jon, & Steve Carell In Pepsi’s Super Bowl Ad

Despite recently hitting #1 on a song with Super Bowl Halftime Show headliners Maroon 5, Cardi B is sitting out the gig in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick. Instead, she’s finding other, more profitable ways to be involved in the hoopla surrounding the big game. For one thing, she’ll perform a concert with Bruno Mars in Atlanta on Saturday night. For another, she’s in a new Pepsi commercial that will air during the game.

Super Bowl ads have been conceived as events unto themselves for decades, but in recent years companies have been rolling many of them out ahead of time to generate buzz. Well, congratulations to Pepsi, you’ve succeeded in drawing my attention to this spot. It features Steve Carell dressing down a server at a Hollywood diner for asking if Pepsi is OK instead of Coke. The concept is that Pepsi is better than OK, it’s “OK!” like Lil Jon says OK. Or like Cardi B says OK, with lots of wordless, trilling enthusiasm. One of Cardi’s other #1 hits, the Bad Bunny/J Balvin collab “I Like It,” plays during the commercial.

You can see this for yourself below.

In other Cardi news, last weekend she performed at the AVN Awards, aka “the Oscars of porn.” Oh, and we really, really liked her 2018 debut album Invasion Of Privacy.

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