The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Tom Breihan, our in-house video aficionado, is still on vacation. Lucky him! So instead you get me, Ryan, writing about videos this Friday. Your regularly scheduled programming will return next week. Until then, here are the five best videos of this week.

5. A Certain Ratio – “Houses In Motion” (Dir. AJ Gomez)

The Talking Heads album Remain In Light is almost 40 years old, but its rhythms are no less strange and addicting after all that time. The video for A Certain Ratio’s long-lost interpretation of the song is straightforward enough, but watching people find their own way to move to this weird music is just a simple pleasure.

4. TENGGER – “High” (Dir. TENGGER)

A video full of patient shots of landscapes and nature almost feels like cheating when you’re shooting in a place as striking as Japan. That’s automatic beauty. But the combination of TENGGER’s trance-inducing (and transcendental) “High” with the footage of mother and son traversing the Japanese wilderness is quietly powerful, a transporting little piece of art that effectively communicates the awe of nature the band was seeking to convey.

3. James Blake – “Barefoot In The Park” (Feat. Rosalía) (Dir. Diana Kunst & Mau Morgo)

Attractive people walking around looking ruminative remains an effective shortcut to making an evocative music video. Also car crashes. And I guess children disintegrating, Infinity War-style, into the mists of time, too.

2. Billie Eilish – “Bad Guy” (Dir. Dave Myers)

Guys, did you know Billie Eilish put out an album last week? Like the flurry of elements colliding in her music, there is a lot going on in the “Bad Guy” video. With all kinds of primary colors and bizarre turns, it’s hard to single out the most striking image here. But it’s gotta be the moment when she starts pouring milk in the suited guy’s mouth. Or the heads in goldfish bags. Or the final twist, the blood red room in which she sits atop a guy doing pushups.

1. Hot Chip – “Hungry Child” (Dir. Saman Kesh)

Have you ever had that thought about how epic and dramatic life could be if you walked around with your own soundtrack, as if you were in a movie? Hot Chip’s “Hungry Child” plays with something similar, inverting it for some pretty great comedic effect. It’s almost weird to call this a music video — though “Hungry Child” is, necessarily, playing throughout, it’s one tool in a narrative, with plenty of amusing dialogue you need to catch amidst it. But listening alone, it’s a welcome return from Hot Chip, amplified by a clever and unique video.

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