Sleater-Kinney’s New St. Vincent-Produced Album Is Called The Center Won’t Hold

At the top of this year we learned the very exciting news that Sleater-Kinney would soon be returning with their first album since 2015 comeback No Cities To Love and that it would be produced by none other than St. Vincent. Earlier this week the band announced their first live show in two years, a headlining slot at North Carolina’s Hopscotch Music Festival this September. And now it looks like new music is imminent.

As Reddit’s indieheads forum points out, the record label Mom + Pop has posted a new Sleater-Kinney bio to their website, suggesting a move from Sub Pop, who released No Cities To Love. Mom + Pop lists the new album title as The Center Won’t Hold. It also mentions a single called “Hurry On Home” and links to an active landing page, indicating the song may be coming as soon as tonight. (Generally those pages don’t go up too far in advance.)

There’s no word regarding a release date for the album, but the Mom + Pop bio includes some quotes from the band, including this from Carrie Brownstein: “We’re always mixing the personal and the political but on this record, despite obviously thinking so much about politics, we were really thinking about the person — ourselves or versions of ourselves or iterations of depression or loneliness — in the middle of the chaos.” We’re also told the album’s title track is a dark and heavy look at the 2016 election designed to make listeners uncomfortable. Sounds rad! Sign me up!

UPDATE: It looks like Sleater-Kinney updated their official website too. It features the same photo from the “Hurry On Home” landing page and cycles through a series of words, from “UNFUCKABLE” to “UNLOVABLE” to “UNLISTENABLE.”