Watch Tom Morello Grab A Fan’s Phone And Throw It

It would seem that the musicians of the world have declared war against the cellular telephone. Last month, Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford kicked a phone out of a fan’s hand while performing. Last week, FIDLAR leader Zac Carper slapped a phone out into the crowd when a fan tried to take a mid-performance selfie, and then he explained his “no selfies while I’m performing” policy on Reddit. Last month Offset was facing felony charges for smacking a gawker’s phone when he was shopping at Target (the charges have since been dismissed). And now former Rage Against The Machine guitar hero and current solo artist Tom Morello has joined the fray.

This past weekend, Morello played Chicago’s Piqniq, a radio-station festival that also included acts like the Lumineers and Young The Giant. At the end of Morello’s sets, he invites large numbers of audience members onstage with him — and he apparently warns them not to attempt selfies with him. As Celebrity Access Encore points out, one fan tried it anyway. Morello grabbed this fan’s phone and threw it into the audience. The crowd cheered, including those members of the crowd who were standing onstage next to the selfie-attempter. Here’s a fan-made video:

Since the phone-throwing, Morello has defended his actions on Twitter: “When you invite guests to YOUR stage and CLEARLY TELL THEM ‘if you stick a cell phone in my face I WILL THROW IT’ and then their uncontrollable entitled selfie urges overcome their sense of reason they get their f*ckin phones thrown. Simple.” Morello also claims that the fan “got his phone back.”

Let’s all admire the energy and sincerity of the weirdos who jump into famous people’s Twitter mentions to scold them for phone-throwing.

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