Watch Robyn’s Incredible Tonight Show Performance

Right now, Robyn is in the midst of a big North American arena tour; later this weekend, she’ll headline the final night of the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. And last night, she got a chance to show why she belongs in arenas and at the top of festival bills. Robyn was the musical guest on The Tonight Show. Every televised Robyn performance is pretty incredible, and every one feels like it can’t possible stand up to all the ones that came before. And once again, last night, she came through and crushed it.

Robyn did a medley of two songs on last night’s Tonight Show. First, she did “Between The Lines,” one of the singles from last year’s big comeback album Honey. And then she followed that one up with a relative deep cut: “Love Is Free,” the title track from her 2015 collaborative EP with the duo La Bagatelle Magique. For the second song, she brought out the New York dance-rapper Maluca, who guested on the original and who looked like a member of the mid-’80s Vanity 6 who’d just stepped out of a time machine. Robyn and Maluca have one hell of an onstage chemistry, and Maluca has reportedly been sharing the stage with Robyn at her recent American shows, so that’s one more good reason to go see Robyn.

There were other great things about last night’s performance. There was the berserk light show. There was the fake-classical stage setup, including the giant statue of intertwined hands. There was the backup dancer, who wore an outfit that might remind you of something else. And there was Robyn herself, showing the sort of energy and precision and charisma that only a true star can bring. Watch it all below.

Honey is out now on Konichiwa/Interscope. Shout out to Jimmy Fallon for refraining from invading the stage and messing up the vibe at the end there.