Anna Meredith – “Inhale Exhale”

Anna Meredith is releasing a new album, FIBS, at the end of the month. It’s the follow-up to her 2016 debut Varmints, though since then she’s done a collaborative album with the Scottish Ensemble and had a big boost by composing the film score to Bo Burnham’s Eighth Grade. Meredith has put out two songs from FIBS so far, “moonsmoons” and “Paramour” (the latter made our best songs of the week list back when it came out).

Today, she’s back with another track called “Inhale Exhale.” It’s the first song that she’s shared from this album that has vocals, and Meredith uses the occasion to set up a series of misconceptions and mistaken lessons. “You say you’re dancing in the deep end/ But to me it looks like drowning/ Always taught the same thing/ But I’m out of my depth,” she sings. In a press release, Meredith singles out that line as a mood-setter for the deceptively upbeat song, adding, “‘Inhale Exhale’ is underpinned with lyrics exploring a more sinister and pessimistic take on what ‘living’ or having a ‘wild time’ might be for a cautious person like myself.”

“Inhale Exhale” is one of the poppiest compositions Meredith has put out, a hypnotic loop that escalates into an airy dance track. Hear it below.

FIBS is out 10/25 via Black Prince Fury/Moshi Moshi. Pre-order it here.