Watch Shakira Cover Green Day’s “Basket Case”

25 years after Dookie, Green Day are no longer the little Berkeley pop-punk band who randomly blew up. They are a part of our shared pop-cultural heritage. Big pop stars — Glen Campbell, Post Malone — have been covering Green Day songs for years. And now we’ve got one more: Colombian superstar, tax fraud suspect, and future Super Bowl Halftime Show performer Shakira.

Over the weekend, Shakira tweeted a video of herself and an unnamed producer knocking out an acoustic cover of Green Day’s almighty 1994 sprint “Basket Case” in the studio. Shakira forgets a couple of words and also plays air guitar. Everyone appears to be having a good time. It is not uncute. This does not seem like a potential future single or anything, but I guess if Shakira brings out Green Day at the Super Bowl, we have been warned. Watch it below.

The best random-ass Green Day cover, however, still belongs to Baton Rouge rap star Kevin Gates, who broke into “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” in the middle of his 2016 episode of the Pitchfork video series Over/Under. It’s at the 4:53 mark below:

So when are all these famous people going to start covering Offspring songs? Why are we acting like Smash didn’t happen?