The 1975 – “Me & You Together Song” Video

According to the 20-year nostalgia cycle, we should be entering the early phases of an aughts revival. The 1975 are doing their part. Earlier this week singer Matty Healy debuted a song called “Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America,” and today the band has shared a video overflowing with O.C.-era signifiers for their latest Notes On A Conditional Form single, “Me & You Together Song.”

The Bedroom-directed clip opens on a shot of a slimline jewel case containing a white CD-R with the song title handwritten in Sharpie, an artifact that very much resembles the kind of mix CD many of us shared with our crushes back in the day. Many of the fashion choices here hearken back to the George W. Bush presidency. In keeping with the song’s lovey-dovey subject matter, there are also quite a few makeout sessions in the video, presumably between couples who met on MySpace. It could almost be a scene out of Looking For Alaska!

Watch below.

Notes On A Conditional Form is out 4/24 on Dirty Hit/Interscope.

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