Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Tracklist Leaks

Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Tracklist Leaks

Things are not going according to Lady Gaga’s plan. Her first new album in four years, Chromatica, was supposed to be out by now, but she pushed its release date back due to the pandemic after only releasing one single from it, “Stupid Love.” That single leaked over a month in advance, reaching the point of ubiquity that clubs were playing it before it was even officially out. The album cover leaked earlier this month before Gaga had a chance to share it herself. And now the Chromatica tracklist has landed after popping up on a Target retail page when it wasn’t supposed to.

The tracklist confirms the collaborations that were heavily rumored for the album. Ariana Grande guests on a song called “Rain On Me,” Elton John is on a song called “Sine From Above,” and K-pop group Blackpink are on a track called “Sour Candy.”

When the album artwork leaked a few weeks ago, Gaga responded by posting it herself soon after. Wouldn’t be surprised if that happens in this case as well. A fascinating case study in what happens when a massive pop album rollout goes off the rails! There’s still no new release date for Chromatica, though.

Check out the leaked tracklist below.

01 “Chromatica I”
02 “Alice”
03 “Stupid Love”
04 “Rain On Me” (Feat. Ariana Grande)
05 “Free Woman”
06 “Fun Tonight”
07 “Chromatica II”
08 “911”
09 “Plastic Doll”
10 “Sour Candy” (Feat. Blackpink)
11 “Enigma”
12 “Replay”
13 “Chromatica III”
14 “Sine From Above” (Feat. Elton John)
15 “1000 Doves”
16 “Babylon”
17 “Love Me Right” (Target exclusive bonus track)
18 “1000 Doves (Piano Demo)” (Target exclusive bonus track)
19 “Stupid Love (Vitaclub Warehouse Mix)” (Target exclusive bonus track)

UPDATE: Gaga has officially confirmed the leaked tracklist on Twitter.

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