Tom Petty Estate Announces Wildflowers Box Set With Previously Unreleased Songs

Tom Petty Estate Announces Wildflowers Box Set With Previously Unreleased Songs

It’s been nearly three years since Tom Petty died. Since Petty’s passing, his family has released the posthumous collections An American Treasure and The Best Of Everything. Today, they’ve announced the details of the next one: A deluxe edition of Petty’s classic 1994 solo album Wildflowers that’s full of the unreleased songs that Petty left behind during that album’s sessions.

Petty wrote a whole lot of songs for Wildflowers, and not all of those songs came out. In the years before his death, Petty talked about how he wanted to put those songs out in the world. It’s happening now. Petty’s wife Dana and his daughters Adria and Annakim worked with Petty’s Heartbreakers bandmates Mike Campbell — who co-produced Wildflowers with Rick Rubin — and Benmont Tench to put together the box set Wildflowers & All The Rest, which is finally coming out this fall. We’ve already posted the demo version of “You Don’t Know How It Feels” and the unreleased song “There Goes Angela (Dream Away),” and now Petty’s family has shared all the details of the forthcoming reissue.

Wildflowers & All The Rest will be available in a bunch of different formats. At its base, it’s a double album. All The Rest will feature 10 of the songs that Petty recorded during the Wildflowers sessions, five of which are unreleased. Different editions will also include a disc of home-recorded acoustic sessions, as well as live recordings of all the songs on Wildflowers and alternate studio takes. The family has just shared another one of the unreleased takes: A solo-acoustic home recorded demo of the Wildflowers title track. Below, you can listen to that and check out the Wildflowers & All The Rest tracklist.


CD1 (Wildflowers):
01 “Wildflowers”
02 “You Don’t Know How It Feels”
03 “Time to Move On”
04 “You Wreck Me”
05 “It’s Good to Be King”
06 “Only a Broken Heart”
07 “Honey Bee”
08 “Don’t Fade on Me”
09 “Hard on Me”
10 “Cabin Down Below”
11 “To Find a Friend”
12 “A Higher Place”
13 “House in the Woods”
14 “Crawling Back to You”
15 “Wake Up Time”

CD2 (All The Rest)”
01 “Something Could Happen”
02 “Leaving Virginia Alone”
03 “Climb That Hill Blues”
04 “Confusion Wheel”
05 “California”
06 “Harry Green”
07 “Hope You Never”
08 “Somewhere Under Heaven”
09 “Climb That Hill”
10 “Hung Up and Overdue”

CD3 (Home Recordings)”
01 “There Goes Angela (Dream Away)”
02 “You Don’t Know How It Feels”
03 “California”
04 “A Feeling of Peace”
05 “Leave Virginia Alone”
06 “Crawling Back to You”
07 “Don’t Fade on Me”
08 “Confusion Wheel”
09 “A Higher Place”
10 “There’s a Break in the Rain (Have Love Will Travel)”
11 “To Find a Friend”
12 “Only a Broken Heart”
13 “Wake Up Time”
14 “Hung Up and Overdue”
15 “Wildflowers”

CD4 (Wildflowers Live)”
01 “You Don’t Know How It Feels”
02 “Honey Bee”
03 “To Find a Friend”
04 “Walls”
05 “Crawling Back to You”
06 “Cabin Down Below”
07 “Drivin’ Down to Georgia”
08 “House in the Woods”
09 “Girls on LSD”
10 “Time to Move On”
11 “Wake Up Time”
12 “It’s Good to Be King”
13 “You Wreck Me”
14 “Wildflowers”

CD5 (Alternate Versions):
01 “A Higher Place”
02 “Hard on Me”
03 “Cabin Down Below”
04 “Crawling Back to You”
05 “Only a Broken Heart”
06 “Drivin’ Down to Georgia”
07 “You Wreck Me”
08 “It’s Good to Be King”
09 “House in the Woods”
10 “Honey Bee”
11 “Girl on LSD”
12 “Cabin Down Below (Acoustic Version)”
13 “Wildflowers”
14 “Don’t Fade on Me”
15 “Wake Up Time”
16 “You Saw Me Comin’”

Wildflowers & All The Rest is out 10/16 on Warner Records. Pre-order it here.

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