Ross From Friends – “The Daisy”

Ross From Friends – “The Daisy”

Felix Clary Weatherall, the British DJ and producer known as Ross From Friends — not to be confused with Sweden’s DJ Seinfeld — will return this fall with a new album called Tread for Brainfeeder. It’s the follow-up to his 2018 debut Family Portrait, though he has since released a 12″ EP called Epiphany. Tread‘s lead single “The Daisy” is an artful meditative techno track with a video by director Rudá Santos that you can watch below.

01 “The Daisy”
02 “Love Divide”
03 “Revellers”
04 “A Brand New Start”
05 “XXX Olympiad”
06 “Grub”
07 “Spatter/Splatter”
08 “Morning Sun In A Dusty Room”
09 “Run”
10 “Life In A Mind”
11 “Thresho_1.0”
12 “Thresho_1.1”

Tread is out 10/22 on Brainfeeder.

Fabrice Bourgelle

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