Taylor Swift Discusses New Phoebe Bridgers Collab On Seth Meyers

Taylor Swift Discusses New Phoebe Bridgers Collab On Seth Meyers

Remember when Taylor Swift wasn’t doing interviews around her new records? Those days are over. Today, Swift has released Red (Taylor’s Version), the re-recorded version of her great 2012 LP Red. And she’s really out there promoting this one. Last night, in fact, Swift was on two different talk shows, Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show and Seth Meyers’ Late Night. She even wore different outfits to both shows! (Both shows tape in the same building, and Swift will still be in that building when she plays on Saturday Night Live tomorrow. But still, that’s commitment!)

For our purposes, the more interesting of these two interviews is the one with Seth Meyers, and not just because Meyers spends less energy gushing all over Swift. Red (Taylor’s Version) features previously unreleased songs that Swift wrote during the Red era, and she recorded those songs with artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Chris Stapleton. On Seth Meyers, Swift talked about how much she likes Bridgers, her duet partner on the song “Nothing New”: “Phoebe Bridgers is one of my favorite artists in the world. I just think she’s… If she sings it, I will listen to it. I love her voice, and I also love that she’s a very funny person.”

Swift also says that when she reached out, Bridgers’ response was “I’ve been waiting for this text for my entire life.” (Swift doesn’t say anything about how the Folklore and Punisher album covers look like dueling images, but at least you know that she knows.) Here’s that Seth Meyers interview:

On both Meyers and Fallon, Swift talked about the new version of her song “All Too Well,” which is a lot of people’s pick for Taylor Swift’s best song ever. Swift says that “All Too Well” is her favorite song on the album and that the song was originally supposed to be 10 minutes long, so the one that appears on Red (Taylor’s Version) is the version that she wanted to release in the first place. And on Fallon, Swift broadly hints that she’ll play that 10-minute “All Too Well” on SNL tomorrow: “What if it was not two songs, but it was one song that was the length of three songs?”

On The Tonight Show, Swift also talked about her whole easter-egg habit, and she played a birthday-party game called “Box Of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon. Here’s Swift’s whole Tonight Show thing:

And if you still need more Taylor Swift NBC content, here she is doing SNL promos with this week’s guest host Jonathan Majors:

Red (Taylor’s Version) is out now on Republic.

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