Indigo Sparke – “Hysteria”

Indigo Sparke – “Hysteria”

Back in July, Indigo Sparke announced her Aaron Dessner-produced sophomore album Hysteria. She’s shared “Pressure In My Chest” and “Blue” from it already, and a couple weeks ago she sidestepped to offer up a cover of PJ Harvey’s “White Chalk.” Today, she’s back with her album’s final single, its gliding title track. Here is Sparke’s statement on the song:

This song is about being inside of love, right at the edge of hysteria. There is often an axis point in things. A place where things can tip into chaos or become unhinged. A marker point. As beautiful and turbulent as these moments are, sometimes it’s hard to return from them to a place that makes sense and feels safe. I think for so long and maybe still, sometimes, I find it hard to keep my balance in love. So many fireworks. So many sorry’s. So much hope. So much deep yearning. So much joy. So much poignant reflection in the tidal pools of intimacy. This song was the birthplace of the whole album. I had this song and the title before the rest found a home inside of this world too. I am still trying to unravel the bitter sweet nature of love and longing. What it means to truly let go. What it means to truly love.

Watch a video for it below.

Hysteria is out 10/7 via Sacred Bones.

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