Watch Arctic Monkeys Play New Song “Body Paint” And Look Cool As Hell On Fallon

Watch Arctic Monkeys Play New Song “Body Paint” And Look Cool As Hell On Fallon

Sorry, guys, but we’re all going to have to step our collective game up. Arctic Monkeys have returned, and they are looking handsomer than a motherfucker. We can’t compete with their whole thing, but we need to try a little harder. Next month, the band will return with the new album The Car. Just yesterday, they followed first single “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” with the new song “Body Paint.” Last night, they played the song live for the first time on The Tonight Show, and they looked really fucking cool.

Listen: Alex Turner is a good-looking guy who knows how to dress. We knew this. But Alex Turner in a T-shirt and sport jacket and sunglasses and gold chain? With his hair doing an artfully-sculpted shaggy thing? Holding a guitar that he mostly ignores until it’s time to do some Pete Townshend windmills? That’s a high bar. That’s so much better than most of us on our best days. I’m sitting here in basketball shorts and a Bib shirt, rethinking my whole shit.

The rest of the band looked cool, too. The extra musicians needed for the rich, laid-back “Body Paint” arrangement probably also looked cool, but the camera mostly stayed away from them. Last night, Arctic Monkeys also played Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, and they played “Body Paint” there, too, so that song is now fully part of the band’s live repertoire. Watch the Fallon performance below.

The Car is out 10/21 on Domino.

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