Condé Nast Suing Drake & 21 Savage Over Fake Vogue Promo

Condé Nast Suing Drake & 21 Savage Over Fake Vogue Promo

To promote their new collaborative album Her Loss, Drake and 21 Savage have engaged in a fake promotional tour that has included nonexistent stops on Saturday Night Live, Howard Stern, and most recently a COLORS performance. They also concocted a Vogue cover for themselves — physical copies of the fake magazine were scattered around major cities, and posters were plastered in those locations as well.

Now, as TMZ notes, Vogue parent company Advance Magazine Publishers and Condé Nast are suing Drake and 21 Savage over the promotional material.

Vogue magazine and its Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour have had no involvement in Her Loss or its promotion, and have not endorsed it in any way,” part of the suit reads. “Nor did Condé Nast authorize, much less support, the creation and widespread dissemination of a counterfeit issue of Vogue, or a counterfeit version of perhaps one of the most carefully curated covers in all of the publication business in service of promoting Defendants’ new album.”

Condé Nast’s lawyers say that they have repeatedly asked Drake, 21 Savage, and the communications firm Hiltzik Strategies to take down the posts. One of the responses received by Condé Nast from Hiltzik read: “Thank you for the email, letting you know that it was was [sic] received..” They’re asking a judge to force the pair to stop using Vogue‘s trademark and are seeking up to $4 million in damages.

You can view the filing here.

Vogue just announced their actual December cover star: Jennifer Lopez.


UPDATE (11/10): A judge has ordered that Drake and 21 Savage stop using their fake Vogue cover, noting that the pair was likely violating Condé Nast’s trademarks and were “misleading consumers” and “deceiving the public,” as Billboard reports. “Issuance of the requested temporary restraining order is in the public interest to protect the public against confusion, deception and mistake,” a federal judge wrote in his ruling.

The order bans Drake and 21 Savage from further “using, displaying, dissenting or distributing” the cover and requires them to take down online posts promoting the image. The restraining order is temporary, lasting until lawyers for both sides have a chance to argue at a hearing that’s scheduled for November 22.

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