Natural Wonder Beauty Concept – “Sword”

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept – “Sword”

DJ Python teamed with Ela Minus on a fantastic three-song release last year that we named both one of 2022’s best EPs and one of its best electronic albums. Now Python has formed another duo with a different experimental electronic talent, Ana Roxanne. Together they’re Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, and their self-titled debut is coming in July via Mexican Summer. (Our Black Market columnists will be pleased to learn that it features a band name/album title/song title trifecta, though definitely not in a heavy metal capacity.)

According to the duo, “The project gave us a creative license of freedom. It was an opportunity to try anything out, whatever we happened to be feeling or influenced by.” The first single from Natural Wonder Beauty Concept is called “Sword.” It matches an eerie synth riff and breathy, digitally manipulated vocals with a busily skittering deconstructed backbeat. Listen below.

01 “Fallen Angel”
02 “Sword”
03 “III”
04 “The Veil I”
05 “Natural Wonder Beauty Concept”
06 “The Veil II”
07 “Young Adult Fiction”
08 “Driving”
09 “Clear”
10 “World Freehand Circle Drawing”

Natural Wonder Beauty Concept is out 7/14 on Mexican Summer.

Alejandro Carrion

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