Pure Bathing Culture – “The Memento”

Pure Bathing Culture – “The Memento”

One month ago, Portland dream-pop duo Pure Bathing Culture released their EP Roxi’s Dream Pt. 1. The group said that it would be the first in a series of releases about Roxi and Neroli, an interstellar pair of starcrossed lovers. But Pure Bathing Culture have other things going on, too. Today, the band announced plans to follow up their most recent album, 2019’s Night Pass, with a new LP called Chalice.

Chalice is set to arrive this fall, and its lead single is “The Memento,” a gorgeously swoony track that would’ve been right at home on early-’90s alt-rock radio. Recently, Pure Bathing Culture have covered bands like R.E.M. and the Pretenders, but the shimmery harmonies and twinkling guitar lines of “The Memento” are more reminiscent of the Sundays or maybe even Cocteau Twins. Below, listen to “The Memento” and check out the Chalice tracklist.

01 “The Heron”
02 “The River”
03 “The Sun”
04 “The Memento”
05 “The New World”
06 “The Fountain”
07 “The Child”
08 “The Lovers”
09 “The Houseboat
10 “The Chalice”

The self-released Chalice is out 11/10. Pre-order it at Bandcamp.

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