Fuming Mouth – “The Silence Beyond Life”

Fuming Mouth – “The Silence Beyond Life”

For a long time, the Massachusetts band Fuming Mouth has been making a guttural, unholy sound that sits somewhere near the border between death metal and hardcore. Fuming Mouth’s 2019 debut The Grand Descent was an absolute monster, and they followed it with the 2020 EP Beyond The Tomb. In 2021, frontman Mark Whelan was diagnosed with leukemia. After chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant, Whelan is now in remission. Fuming Mouth returned to the stage at the America’s Hardcore fest last year, and now they’ve got a new album ready to come out.

Fuming Mouth recorded their upcoming sophomore album Last Day Of Sun with Converge’s Kurt Ballou. It’s a concept album about death, and Whelan was writing it while going through cancer treatments. In a press release, Whelan says, “What started as a fictional concept album became incredibly real. I was facing certain death, but as I kept writing the album it’s theme became clear. You could die tomorrow. Seize the day.”

First single “The Silence Beyond Life” doesn’t really sound anything like past Fuming Mouth songs. The riffs are unbelievably heavy, and the vibe is deeply forbidding, but the song also has bits of triumphant melody that recall the Swedish death metal of the ’90s. It sounds fucking awesome, and I can only imagine that its subject matter is deeply meaningful to someone who almost died while making it. Below, check out the video for “The Silence Beyond Life” and the Last Day Of Sun tracklist.

01 “Out Of Time”
02 “Respect & Blasphemy”
03 “The Silence Beyond Life”
04 “The Sign Of Pain”
05 “Leaving Euphoria”
06 “I’ll Find You”
07 “Disgusterlude”
08 “Kill The Disease”
09 “Last Day Of Sun”
10 “R.I.P. (Rest In Piss)”
11 “Brutal Practices”
12 “Postfigurement”

Last Day Of Sun is out 11/3 on Nuclear Blast.

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