Morrissey Says Capitol Records CEO Wants To Wreck His Career

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Morrissey Says Capitol Records CEO Wants To Wreck His Career

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

At this point we are used to seeing lengthy screeds posted to Morrissey’s website. We post about some of them. Most of them we overlook. Often he goes on for some time about various axes to grind, making various levels of sense. Sunday he offered a more concise update.

Some background: In May 2021, Morrissey announced Bonfire Of Teenagers, which he’s called “the best album of my life.” Due to his cantankerous and/or problematic reputation, he spent more than a year finding a label to release the album before linking with Capitol in the fall of 2022. But things with Capitol quickly started falling apart, and in December 2022 he announced his departure from the label. (At the same time, Miley Cyrus, who was rumored to appear on the Bonfire Of Teenagers track “I Am Veronica,” seemingly blocked the song’s release.)

Despite Moz’s decision to cut ties with Capitol, Bonfire Of Teenagers is still a Capitol release, and he’s been publicly warring with the label over the album’s fate this year. In February, he announced that he was “coming around to the belief” that Capitol was intentionally sabotaging his album. A week later, he complained that Capitol was promoting “Sam Smith’s ‘satanism’” but not his album.

Now, under the headline CAPITOL WRECKERS, Moz has posted a photo of Capitol Music Group Chair and CEO Michelle Jubelirer (pictured above). Beneath the image is this message:

Hi! I run Capitol Records and if I want to wreck Morrissey’s career
no one can stop me. Bye, now!

The post concludes with this video of someone flying a plane over the Capitol offices with this message trailing behind it: “Release Mozi’s ‘Bonfire Of Teenagers’!”

If anyone wrecked Morrissey’s career, it was Morrissey, but it does seem like this record should come out at some point, yeah?

In other Moz news, he recently wrote an open letter to Jeff Bezos demanding that Whole Foods stop selling coconut milk made by enslaved monkeys. The practice, which is the focus of a PETA investigation, focuses on the Thai coconut industry’s reliance on monkey labor. Here’s the letter:

October 16, 2023

Jeff Bezos
Executive Chair

Jason Buechel
President and CEO
Whole Foods Market Inc.

Dear Messrs. Bezos and Buechel:

I was aghast to hear that Whole Foods has so far refused to do the humane thing and switch away, as it easily could, from selling coconut milk from Thailand where monkeys are forced into servitude. These are our fellow primates with feelings greater than those Whole Foods management has shown. You have these monkeys’ misery on your hands and I urge you to do something ethical now, to act as if Whole Foods “standard of excellence” is not a cruel joke.

PETA has sent Whole Foods top executives three separate investigations into the Thai coconut industry that have documented appalling cruelty to monkeys: most chained by their necks, kept in solitude, exposed to all weather without shelter, some having their teeth pulled out, all trained with appalling violence, and all forced to spend their lives climbing tall trees to twist off heavy coconuts. Some monkeys have fallen from great heights.

Please decide to sell only coconut milk sourced from outside Thailand. Please may I hear from you?



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