Air Will Play Moon Safari In Full On First Tour In Seven Years

Air Will Play Moon Safari In Full On First Tour In Seven Years

In 1998, Air released their masterpiece. Moon Safari, Air’s first proper studio album, is a rich, layered, flirty opus of retro-futuristic makeout music. It’s an album that’s very tied to its era, but it’s aged beautifully. Air have gone on to make a lot of great music since then — including the song that gave this website its name — but Moon Safari remains the cornerstone of their legacy. Next year, they’ll play that album in full on tour.

Air have not been very busy lately, at least as a group. Le Voyage Dans Le Lune, the duo’s most recent studio album, came out more than a decade ago. Lately, both members of the group have been working on solo material. Nicolas Godin came out with his Concrete And Glass LP in 2020. Last year, JB Dunckel released his own Carbon album, and he’s come out with a couple of singles this year. Next year, Air will be back together again, and they’ll play Moon Safari live in full for the first time ever.

Air’s 2024 tour will be their first since 2017. It’ll hit a few carefully chosen venues in Europe, and it won’t last for long. If it goes well, though, maybe we’ll get our own Moon Safari shows on this side of the Atlantic. Moon Safari might seem like an album that would not lend itself to live performance, but I’ve seen Air, and they really bring the atmosphere of their records onstage. Check out the dates below.

2/24 – Geneva, Switzerland @ Antigel at Victoria Hall
2/25 – Milan, Italy @ Fabrique
2/29 – Vienna, Austra @ Wiener Konzerthaus
3/02 – Berlin, Germany @ Theater Des Westin
3/07 – Paris, France, @ L’Olympia
3/08 – Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
3/24 – London, UK @ London Coliseum

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