Dua Lipa – “Training Season”

Dua Lipa – “Training Season”

Dua Lipa is ramping up to her new album, the long-awaited follow-up to 2020’s Future Nostalgia. Anticipation is high — even higher for fans of stated influences like Massive Attack and Primal Scream — but so far, response has been underwhelming. Lead single “Houdini” lived up to its name by essentially disappearing from the zeitgeist. When Lipa debuted new single “Training Season” to open the Grammys, it didn’t really move the needle either. Now the studio version of “Training Season” is here, and the stakes feel high.

Lipa shared this statement on the track:

I had been on a string of bad dates, and the last one was the final straw. The next morning I arrived to the studio to Caroline and Tobias asking me how it all went and I immediately declared “TRAINING SEASON IS OVER,” and like the best “day after” debriefs with your mates, we had a lot of laughs and it all quickly came together from there.

And while it is obviously about that feeling when you are just absolutely done telling people…men specifically in this case, how to date you right; it is also about my training season being over and me growing with every experience. I have never felt more confident, clear or empowered. And while it may be that training season is never over for any of us, you start to see the beauty in finding that person to experience it with. You stop looking for the trainees and become more interested in having someone where you are and someone to grow with.

Listen to the thumping, ebullient “Training Season” below via director Vincent Haycock’s music video.

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