Drake Raps Over “BBL Drizzy” Sample On Sexyy Red’s “U My Everything”

Drake Raps Over “BBL Drizzy” Sample On Sexyy Red’s “U My Everything”

The great Drake/Kendrick Lamar feud of 2024 appears to be over, but we’ll be checking for fallout for a while. Today, Drake made his first big appearance since getting publicly rinsed in the most humiliating way, and while the song isn’t about the feud, it still references all of that. One of the most enduring artifacts of that whole saga is “BBL Drizzy,” the viral-hit instrumental track that Metro Boomin made and offered up to the public. On a new Sexyy Red track, Drake raps over that beat.

Today, brand new St. Louis rap star Sexyy Red follows up her 2023 mixtape Hood Hottest Princess with a new one called In Sexyy We Trust. It’s what you expect from a Sexyy Red tape: lots of deadpan bawdiness over heavy, nasty Tay Keith beats. Lil Baby shows up on one song, and Drake is on another. Drake and Sexyy have teamed up a few times lately, with Sexxy rapping on Drake’s track “Rich Baby Daddy” and Drake making an extended cameo in Sexyy’s video for the recent hit “Get It Sexyy.” I hope Sexyy is OK with her whole mixtape being overshadowed by Drake’s antics.

In Sexyy We Trust has “U My Everything,” a not-great kinda-love song that’s built on a sample of Jamie Foxx’s “Infatuation.” Drake shows up on that track, and the “BBL Drizzy” sample comes in when Drake raps about buying cosmetic surgery for girls: “I changed a lot of girls’ lives for real/ They need a new body, they hittin’ me/ BBL Drizzy, they want a new body, they ask me for it.” Drake mentions issues with people in his city, but it’s mostly him proclaiming his devotion to Sexyy Red. In a way, it’s a clever acknowledgement and a way to move on from a rough situation. But you can also hear Drake desperately trying to cope with everything that just happened. Check it out below.

When you’re done with that, you can go ahead and stream the whole Sexyy Red mixtape below.

In Sexyy We Trust is out now on Rebel/Gamma.

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