Cash Cobain – “Grippy” (Feat. J. Cole)

Cash Cobain – “Grippy” (Feat. J. Cole)

J. Cole has come out of the whole Drake/Kendrick Lamar situation surprisingly intact. Shortly after Kendrick took shots at both Drake and Cole on Future’s “Like That,” Cole responded with “7 Minute Drill,” a diss track on his surprise mixtape Might Delete Later. Two days after that, true to the tape’s title, Cole went onstage at his own Dreamville festival to apologize for the song and to say how much he loved Kendrick. He also removed “7 Minute Drill” from streaming services. This seemed like clown behavior at the time, but the feud quickly got very nasty and personal, and Cole’s decision to recuse himself was probably the right one. Now, if everyone doesn’t mind, he would like to get back to rapping about having sex.

Last month, J. Cole made a somewhat surprising appearance on We Still Don’t Trust You, the second Future/Metro Boomin collaborative album. He was rapping about sex on that one, and now he’s rapping more about sex on “Grippy,” the new track from rising New York sexy-drill rapper/producer Cash Cobain. Cobain, one of our favorite new artists of last year, has carved out a niche by kicking extremely explicit fast-paced melodic raps over sample-heavy drill beats, and Ice Spice just appeared on the remix of “Fisherr,” the viral hit that Cobain made with fellow New York rapper Bay Swag. The idea of a J. Cole/Cash Cobain collab is surprising, but it makes its own kind of sense.

“Grippy” is about exactly what the title implies. J. Cole has a long history of wince-worthy sex lines, like the notorious one on Jeremih’s “Planez” remix, and he gets off at least one of those here, where he talks about converting a gay woman. It’s still impressive to hear him pull off a flow that’s very different from what he usually does. Cobain sounds more effortless, but that guy’s not trying to do traditional rap bars, and Cole is. Hear the track below.

“Grippy” is out now on Giant Music.

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