Coachella: Yay Or “I Wanted To Hear ‘Today”?

We’re in the days leading up to Indo’s spring pilgrimage, and Britpop’s most unglam monikered leadman gets serious for AP.

TOM SMITH (EDITORS) “We’re taking this very seriously. We’re fully aware that it’s a massive place in a big market. We want to do very well. We believe we can do very well here. It’s about people being aware of your band. There’s no way people outside of the major cities are going to be aware of your band unless you go to the places and play to the college kids.”

Meanwhile, the prospect of headliners Depeche Mode, Tool, and Madonna leaves The Orange County Register wondering if the indie fest is “no longer the capital of cool.”

The festival’s line-up has left some underwhelmed, while Tennessee’s Bonnaroo event boosts its star power.

Speculation had been rampant all month, partly fueled by a fake poster, widely circulated on the Internet, indicating a much-rumored Smashing Pumpkins reunion would top one of the weekend’s two bills.

Would that indeed occur? Would, say, the Red Hot Chili Peppers make another stop at the two-stages-three-tents gathering to promote a coming double album? Or what about those fearless freaks the Flaming Lips – might they return and concoct something even crazier than Wayne Coyne’s famous walk-atop-the-crowd-inside-a-bubble-ball stunt?

No, no and no.

And no to the Strokes, the Arcade Fire, the White Stripes and Jack White’s new Raconteurs project.


Stereogum’s never been to Coachella, and is going to Bonnaroo for the 3rd time this year, so I’m not qualified say Indio Is Losing Its Edge. What’s your take?

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