The Walkmen Cover U2

The Walkmen have just finished recording the follow up to their awesome, awesome 2010 album Lisbon, which is obviously great news. And to blow off steam after the recording sessions, they got together with producer Phil Ek to cover a medley of classic U2 jams: “Pride (In The Name Of Love),” “With Or Without You,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday.” The Walkmen versions are sloppy, slaphappy, and not entirely serious, but it’s still a treat to hear Hamilton Leithauser wrap his voice around some of those big notes and to hear that amazing rhythm section transforming their source material into something resembling funk. Listen to the medley below at the Walkmen’s site (via Pitchfork).

Incidentally, U2’s The Joshua Tree turns 25 tomorrow. We might have something to say about that.