Also virtually every single #1s column has been written in VA.
Part of it is cuz I live near there, which means I pay closer attention. But also, RVA has had a historically great punk/metal/hardcore scene since the 80s, and I don't really know why that is beyond, like, colleges and cheap rents.
I shouldn't have talked about the man's weight. I don't really like the way I talked about artists' appearances when I was younger. As for the rest, I was right on all of it and I take nothing back.
thank you!
Case in point:
I wrote my own headlines at the Voice, and I went for maximum outrage every time to build a name for myself. It worked!
I wrote the piece last week, and then I missed the news about the Mar-A-Lago thing. That sucks!
I'm probably not gonna post columns on 12/25 or 1/1, but it really depends on how busy my next few work days are.
There was a guy wilding out in there who was like 6'7", and I was like "well, shit, my face is no longer safe." Wasn't a headbutt exactly, was more like my head was moving forward and his was moving backward.
"Run" is a great song. There's like 6 other Snow Patrol songs that I like a lot. It still sucked when Lightbody showed up on Red.
Look: All I'm saying is I hit my head on doorways and I never heard of a 5'7" second-grader.
I don't rate songs that didn't make the top 10.
I still like this album.
There is a busted lamp sitting on the desk in front of me right now, and it will never be whole again. Why did he take apart a *lamp*?
I probably had a bud. I don't remember what he had. Pretty sure I bummed a Marlboro Lite from him tho.
I have considered it! Stay tuned.
Sorry guys. It's being worked on. Please know it's driving us all fucking nuts as well.
Genuinely surprised at all the comments that preferred the rating at the bottom of the article! I honestly never thought of myself as a suspenseful writer! I like the way the new design looks, and it took FUCKING FOREVER to move a bunch of the old columns over to the new design over the weekend. But I dunno, we can talk about it internally over here and see what we wanna do.
I messed up on the Jefferson Starship singles. Was looking at the wrong column on the Wikipedia page. Just fixed. ("White Rabbit" is another 9.)
I appreciate that putting the score up top is a new-normal thing that's gonna take some adjustment, but I dunno, I like it.
My thinking was: Yeah, OK, that sounds fine.
By "tighten up" you mean "agree with me more because I wrote a book in the '80s"? That's some goofy shit right there.
A perfect piece of music.
Hey, I know someone has been keeping a spreadsheet of all these scores I've been handing out. Could someone link me to it? I could really use some help crunching data.
ok phew, i didn't want beef with a tree.
Just easily bored by middlebrow 70s rock.
I was determined not to fuck the Chets up and I still did smh. But that's one typo. Singular. Now your typo is embarrassing.
Chris can have that one.
I guess since they're Australian it's more like "violent walkabout"
Damn. Rascalz apparently destroyed part of my brain.