Beck - Morning Phase

Although Beck debuted “Wave” in concert last year, we’ve heard no recorded music from Morning Phase thus far. That changes now: A new promotional video shows the album being pressed to vinyl, soundtracked by a portion of a new song called “Blue Moon” (which will be heard in an upcoming episode of HBO’s Girls). It sounds fucking awesome — more vibrant upbeat than Sea Change but tapping into the same dour spirit and organically grandiose arrangements. Watch below.

Morning Phase is out 2/25 via Capitol, and the full version of “Blue Moon” will be released into the world this Monday 1/20.

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  1. This trailer also serves as vinyl pornography. “That’s one nice looking 12″ I’d like to get my hands on…”

  2. Oh fuck -I try to keep my expectations low when someone I lurve has a new record, but too late now. Manna from heaven.

  3. So Feb 25th we get new Wild Beasts, ScHoolboy Q AND Beck?!

    That’ll be a tough Album of the Week to pick…

  4. So excited for this!
    Even though I find myself wishing this it called “Morning Face”…


  6. I am very ready for this. Makes me nostalgic for 2002 a la Sea Change.

    • A comparison which Mr. Deville already made..whoops.

      I remember buying the Sea Change cd and listening to it in my car in the Best Buy parking lot. It didn’t immediately grab me like his previous upbeat, goofy, party records. It took many drives as slow music on short car trips just didn’t do it for me then.

      12 years later, this is personally exactly what I would want out of a Beck album. Also, I’ll pre-order or buy the record locally rather than Best Buy. Beck was the first musician I cared enough to call my favorite, and it’s kinda nice being able to follow the trajectory and changes in my life through his albums.

  7. Tracklist:

    1. Cycle 0:40
    2. Morning 5:22
    3. Heart is a Drum 4:31
    4. Say Goodbye 3:29
    5. Blue Moon 4:00
    6. Unforgiven 4:34
    7. Wave 3:45
    8. Don’t Let It Go 3:08
    9. Blackbird Chain 4:26
    10. Phase 1:12
    11. Turn Away 3:05
    12. Country Down 4:00
    13. Waking Light 5:00

    Did we already know this stuff? Did I just waste my time?

    • Just discovered that yes, this is old news. However, the tracklist here is different from the one released in December. Did it change? Or is the vinyl tracklist different? Interesting…

  8. yeah, Mutations, Sea Change, Modern Guilt. This one will fit in nicely. Now, wheres my follow up to Odelay, Midnite Vultures, and Guero?

  9. Never have anticipated an album so much as this. My own personal Beck fave is The Information but I am more than happy that this new release has a Sea Change flavour to it. Can’t wait!!!!!

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