Lydia Loveless – “Clumps” Video

Lydia Loveless releases Real today, and honestly we should be celebrating that fact at least as much as we’re celebrating Frank Ocean’s (admittedly very enjoyable) pre-album mood board Endless. Real is a truly remarkable achievement, the best work so far from a songwriter who continues to surprise, delight, and terrify. You should definitely listen to the whole thing, but if not, here’s a video for two-minute deep cut “Clumps” via Noisey.

Three fun facts about this video: (1) It was shot at Lost Weekend Records, the same Columbus record store where Yo La Tengo’s Times New Viking-starring “Nothing To Hide” video was made. (2) The guy at the counter looking bored to the left of your screen is Brian Baker, who was responsible for starting the Limp Bizkit Dayton gas station hoax. You should check out his band Brat Curse. (3) Gorman Bechard, who made the documentary Who Is Lydia Loveless, also directed this quick little vignette.

OK, on with the show.

Real is out now on Bloodshot.