Cryonics Client Steve Aoki Plans To Keep Doing His Thing 200 Years From Now

I hope that big brand EDM is still inexplicably popular in 2216, because Steve Aoki — the fourth highest-paid DJ in the world — is getting cryogenically frozen! In a new Rolling Stone profile, the 38-year-old Aoki revealed that he’s paying the Alcor Life Extension Foundation $220K to stuff his body into a cryonic cylinder in Arizona, in the hopes that his body and mind can be revived 200 years from now. His interest in cryogenics stemmed from reading the writing of Ray Kurzweil, who also inspired a good deal of the music on Aoki’s albums Neon Future I and II. Chaos seems to follow Aoki wherever he goes. Last weekend a ceiling collapsed at his show in Oslo, just a few days after Aoki apologized to a fan for breaking her neck with an inflatable life raft (the irony!) in 2013. In February, Aoki was sued for throwing cake at a fan who was injured when he slipped and fell in it. Will these antics continue 200 years from now? Will people like EDM 200 years from now? Will there be defense lawyers? Only time will tell.

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